one-word prompt CONTRAST


For Contrast

I enjoy watching our four seasons in Wisconsin.  We have lived here a long time, and even though the views are so different, I can look out the windows and imagine the yard in each season.  I also enjoy watching the light through the day, seasons, and year.

garden journal
through the seasons
every photo a prayer

I created a page, Photos For Bulletin Boards, and hope to add new photos from my garden journal.

Sunset abstract picture is courtesy of wpclipart.

one-word prompt Colorful


For Colorful – Through my blogs with, I learn a lot about colors.  I try different themes and see how my posts work with different colors.  Always more to learn!

These are a few of my poems with colors.  A few years ago, I bought a large box of crayons to learn the names of more colors.  I enjoy the colors of our Wisconsin seasons, the bright colors and quieter colors.


more colors of blue
in Lake Michigan today
than I can name
the wonder of always learning
dreaming new dreams


sun through leaves
after rain in the morning
ribbons of navy blue
and turquoise
in the water


reading one page
at a time
of this book and that
in gentle wind

The Spring and Birches Autumn pictures are courtesy of wpclipart.

Birches_autumnEllen Grace Olinger