Back to School Help 2 – Teaching Stories at The Haiku Foundation

Back to School Help 2 – Teaching Stories is a new post at The Haiku Foundation.

You may also wish to read Back to School Help 1 – Lesson Plans, the first post in this series at The Haiku Foundation.


Haiku Lessons K-6 at The Haiku Foundation

Haiku Lessons K-6: An Overview summarizes the 10 lesson plans (Kindergarten through Grades 5-6) that began The Haiku Foundation Education Resources (2013).

Jim Kacian, THF President, and I co-authored these plans.

One of the purposes of the overview is to summarize in one place The Haiku Foundation resources that are a major part of these plans.

We also show the development of language arts skills, as they apply to teaching haiku.  The lessons include adaptations, and the goal is for all to enjoy the beauty of poetry.

Ellen Grace Olinger