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Daily Prompt: January 25, 2023

List five things you do for fun.

Daily Prompt

I read and view blogs – poetry, prose, and other art. Print books and poetry journals as well. And I cook simple meals and watch the seasons from the kitchen window. I create new posts and write new poems. Music – many things add beauty to my days. Thank you.

Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative on
Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative on
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Daily Prompt: December 19, 2022

Is your life today what you pictured a year ago?

Daily Prompt

Good to have goals, and make changes as needed. One goal I have is to continue to create with blogs. In this sense, my life is as pictured a year ago. And I am here at my computer in the same room, with a tree by the window. Thank you.

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Daily Prompt: December 18, 2022

What skills or lessons have you learned recently?

Daily Prompt

I am grateful to learn every day. These days, I am trying a few new ideas with blog posts, colors, and designs. Work in progress. And a simple post is always nice.

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