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small book

Something on your “to-do list” that never gets done.

Daily writing prompt

I have postponed a chapbook a few times. There is no hurry though. Our previous book, Quiet Christmas Poetry, began as a blog and then became a large print chapbook in 2014. The book is still shared and read.

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Reflection and Revision

What could you do differently?

Daily Prompt

I have taught writing and read many books about creativity and writing. There is encouragement to try, practice your craft, grow, make changes as needed.

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“What are your biggest challenges?”

What are your biggest challenges?

Daily Prompt

One challenge these days is organizing my creative work. Blogs work so well for this goal. When I reprint a poem, or if a new poem from my blogs is published again in a journal or book, I note the references and credits in a post or page. This is a work-in-progess, and I like that I can update posts.

Over time, a lot of good work can grow, one post at a time. Then the challenge is to review here and there. You may have written a haiku sequence, a chapbook, short stories, some poems for notecards or a collage, or a poem for a bulletin board to encourage others.

Hopefully, I grow as a writer here, and can also review my work and see how I can write a poem a little better. Wonderful to try new ideas.

This Page is an example of how work can be organized: Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthologies (my haiku 2013 – 2022).

Thank you and blessings for your creative work!

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How are you creative?

Daily Prompt

There are many ways to be creative, and we are all creative. I read and write poetry. I try new blog and post designs, as I learn more about WordPress. I reprint older poems in new ways, and I write new poems.

A note of encouragement, a simple meal, ideas for a garden next year . . . my creativity changes over time. Grateful every day. And sometimes I simply need to rest for awhile. Spring follows winter.

small home library
books and journals
to read at different times
some to reread
and some to give away

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Daily Prompt: December 19, 2022

Is your life today what you pictured a year ago?

Daily Prompt

Good to have goals, and make changes as needed. One goal I have is to continue to create with blogs. In this sense, my life is as pictured a year ago. And I am here at my computer in the same room, with a tree by the window. Thank you.

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