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Haiku Art Site 2012 - 2018

Dreaming Sunlight, by Margarita Engle (2003, Feather Books) is the Book of the Week at The Haiku Foundation.  You can read Garry Eaton’s introduction here.

Margarita’s official website has additional information about her current work.


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Two Poems


Food Pantry collections
warm greetings
and offers of help with groceries
old-fashioned kindness
warms our hearts


Salvation Army
bell ringers
so cheerful in the cold
adding a dollar
to a Red Kettle or two


“Salvation Army” was published in Bell’s Letters Poet (2011).

Poems: Ellen Grace Olinger

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Christmas Poems

Christmas CDs
playing with the volume low
in the fields
the beauty of harvested
corn in snow


Sunday morning
all the lovely voices
singing Silent Night


reading one page
at a time
of this book and that
in gentle wind


new year
on the horizon
simple lines
of barns and trees
in the fog


looking at trees
I remember prayers
of friends


Ellen Grace Olinger
Quiet Christmas Poetry

(both a site and a large print chapbook)

The Haiku Foundation Haiku Registry

Haiku Art Site 2012 - 2018

THF Celebration Fortnight 2017 – Day 7 post, by Jim Kacian, highlights the Haiku Registry, as “THF Fact of the Day.”  Billie Wilson is the manager for THF Haiku Registry.


This lesson plan from The Haiku Foundation Education Resources features a haiku by Peggy Willis Lyles, from her Poet Profile page at The Haiku Registry:

Haiku Awareness Plan for Grades 1 – 2.


You can see my page here.

Ellen Grace Olinger

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